Sep 15, 2016

Let's listen to A Vampyre Rhapsody on #Thursday13 with@)Linda Nightingale

 About  #MFRWauthor  Linda Nightingale

I was born in South Carolina, have lived in England, Canada, Miami, Atlanta and now Houston. I’ve seen a lot of this country from the windshield of a truck pulling a horse trailer, having bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses for thirteen years.
With Cardinal Desires, a vampire paranormal to be released in 2013 by Double Dragon Publishing, I won the Georgia Romance Writers Magnolia Award. I retired from the legal field and have two wonderful sons. My passions are Andalusian and Lusitano horses, my snappy little sports car and my parlor grand piano.

          Morgan D'Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody

             Genre: Paranormal Romance 
             Publisher: The Wild Rose Press 

The greatest enemy of a vampire is boredom. Four centuries of existence have taught Lord Morgan Gabriel D'Arcy to fear nothing and no one. Humans and their weapons have little chance against his preternatural speed and arcane powers. Vampires are viral mutations of human DNA. Still, the Vampyre code requires secrecy, and he has learned to hide his nature from the world. The lure of mortality, of a life in the sun, puts Morgan again and again at the mercy of calculating human women though they fail to consider his charm and determination into the equation. However, even grooming a future bride from infancy proves to be fraught with heartbreak. And second chances are not always what they seem unless... you are Morgan. Immortality and beauty, aren’t they grand?  
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13 Sentences from Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody, a collection of short stories 

1     Devil’s Waltz:

a.       “At midnight, Lucien St. Albans had arrived with shocking news—there was no such thing as forever.” This sentence refers to the Vampyre’s immortality, which is now being threatened.

b.       “Beauty won battles that charm alone lost.”

c.        “At times, Amber looked as if she’d dissect me, given the chance.“

d.      “Her death washed through me on wave after wave, and I trembled in bliss.”

      Night Moves:

a.        “It was the night for a kill, and need burned in me—fever hot.”  Morgan is going hunting!

b.      “Perhaps, you’d like to try a cross?  Or a stake?”  I laughed, tossing the bullet at her.”

c.       “Beware those who walk the Battery late at night.  That stately old mansion with its face turned away from the sea, the beautiful one with a Greek portico, has dark secrets.”

      Sunrise, Sunset:

a.       You wish I'd come to your window, deep in the heart of night, and call you from your bed.” (Morgan places a romance ad and finds an unexpected result.)

b.       Boredom had caught me at the bottom of a bleak winter evening, and boredom in my hands was a time bomb that would explode.The question was merely where and when.”  

c.        ”Each of us, at some time, wishes to stand naked in passion’s temple and face deepest, darkest desire—to be an innocent victim to lust.” (Isn’t this true? Let me know your thoughts)


a.        “Touching my piano was like fondling my mistress.”

b.      “I admire your taste in relatives, Mr. Thomas.” I extended my hand. (Morgan finds an ally in a deadly game—a pretty lawyer)

c.      “I thought my son would be born a bastard.  Now, he’ll be an aristocratic bastard like his dad.”

Book Video:

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 Website – Visit and look around. There’s a free continuing vampire story.
 Blog- Lots of interesting guests & prizes


Aug 25, 2016

The Vicar's Deadly Sin revealed on #Thursday13 by @ #MFRWauthor Miguelina Perez

 #MFRWauthor  Miguelina Perez is a writer and jewelry artist. She has a B.A. in English from the University of the District of Columbia. She won the University of the District of Columbia's English Department's Critical Writing Award for an essay she wrote discussing the gender roles of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.

It was during high school at the school's library that she first encountered her first romance writers - Ms. Victoria Holt and then Ms. Phyllis J. Whitney. Her love of romance novels stems from those discoveries, especially the Romance mystery genre.

Several of her poems have been published in anthologies, and she was named "Poet of Year in 1995" by the National Library of Poetry. She finished her first book, The Vicar's Deadly Sin, a Regency romance mystery, the first of a seven-part serial based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Currently, she is finishing the edits on VDS and adding to its sequel, "Angel's Lust".

Ms. Perez is a member of the Romance Writers of America and two of its chapters: Washington Romance Writers and Maryland Romance Writers . As newsletter editor for WRW, she contributes articles about writing and author interviews.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she now resides in Gaithersburg, Maryland and can be reached at:

                                        The Vicar's Deadly Sin

 Genre Young Adult, Suspense, New Adult

A Touch of Romance…A Touch of Regency…A Touch of Murder… Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard have been friends since the age of twelve. Together they share their dreams, hopes and a love for reading. However, it is their wild imagination and a penchant for solving mysteries that will test their abilities when the Vicar of Dover is found murdered. The young ladies are joined by two gentlemen, also eager to find the murderer in order to prove to the ladies that detecting is a man's job, though the gentlemen find their beauty, wit, and pride more troublesome than solving a murder. The Vicar's Deadly Sin is a delightful and witty Regency romance mystery about two friends and their love for solving crimes, while keeping society and its rules at bay.

 Buy link:
A visual teaser of the story:

13 favorite book characters

1. Eleanor Dashwood
2. Marianne Dashwood
3. Col. Brandon
4. Elizabeth Bennet
5. Mr. Darcy
6. Jane Bennet
7. Mr. Bingley
8. Nanny McPhee
9. Jane Ertswhile - Austenland
10. Mr. Nobley - Austenland

11.Mr. Scrooge
12.Mrs. de Winters - Rebecca
13.Mr. de Winters - Rebecca

 You can find more about the author here:

Aug 18, 2016

Dragon Knight's Ring on #Thursday13 with @Mary Morgan

Scottish paranormal romance#MFRWauthor Mary Morgan,  resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.
Mary's passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn't until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling--writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.


                Dragon Knight's Ring, 
        Order of the Dragon Knights,  Book 5

 Genre  Paranormal, Erotica
 Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Crusader, Adam MacFhearguis is on one last quest to the standing stones in Scotland where he seeks to bury the past. However, a silent prayer sends him to an unknown future and to his beloved Meggie. When he uncovers a shocking revelation, Adam questions everything about the woman he thought he knew and loved. He may have traveled the veil of ages, but time is now his enemy.

Margaret MacKay lives a life in the future without the memories of her past—her death. When Adam arrives at her door confessing he knows her, she is confused and wary. With each passing day, she yearns to learn more from this stranger. Yet, when a truth is revealed, can she trust the man to unlock the chains from her mind and heart?

Will love free the bonds to unite the two lovers who were doomed centuries ago? Or will evil finally claim victory over the Dragon Knights?

Buy link: Aamazon

Mary Morgan’s 13 most favorite movies

1. Braveheart – Will never forget his speech, or the epic music played throughout.

2. Pride & Prejudice—I love both versions: 1995 and 2005. Loved the music in both!

3. Knight’s Tale—I enjoyed the humor and again, the music. (Do you see a pattern in my favorites?)

4. Pillow Talk—Comedy and music. Adorable!

5. Robin Hood—all versions!

6. Sense & Sensibility—1995 version with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant.

7. The Master of Ballantrae —Errol Flynn in Scotland…oh my!

8. The Sound of Music —My first indoor movie. It’s a must see around any holiday.

9. The Ugly Dachshund —Since I owned a dachshund, this 1966 comedy was a family favorite.

10. Ever After —A twist on the Cinderella story.

11. Ben-Hur —Charlton Heston…need I say anything more?

12. Titanic —Beautiful, tragic, and I loved the music.

13. Rob Roy —I’ve always been fascinated with the hero and the actor, Liam Neeson.
                             Trailer for the whole
Dragon Knights  series:

 Find Mary here:
 Facebook Book Page

Aug 11, 2016

Witness the New Beginnings on #Thursday13 with @Iris Blobel #MFRWAuthor

  #MFRWauthor Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she met her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.

Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.

Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.

                           New Beginnings


Twenty-two-year-old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight-year-old sister Mia since their mother’s death a few years ago, and it hasn’t been easy. Luck comes their way when they inherit a small house in Hobart. Problem is though, they don’t know and have never heard of Clara Bellinger, the testator. Settling into their new life, Sophie is still afraid it’s all a mistake.

Mark O’Connor, attorney in Hobart and the bearer of the good news for Sophie and Mia, curses himself for the lack of information about the testator. However, researching the questions gives him an opportunity to see Sophie again, and the more time he spends with the two, the more he realizes that his life is missing something. And it’s not his casual lover Linda.

But then there’s Zach, Sophie’s sexy neighbor from across the road… and a very good friend of Clara’s.

Will unraveling the mystery unravel Sophie and Mark’s promise of a future?

Buy link: Amazon

Thirteen Movies Iris likes:

1 Skyfall
2 Beaches
3 Frozen
4 Shawshenk Redemption
5  Love Actually
6 Indiana Jones with Sean Connery
7 Jurassic Park
8 The Rock
9 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
10 Vertical Limit
11 Ghost
12 Avatar
13 San Andreas

 Find more about the author here:


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